The Deeming Murders – Rainhill

Rainhill WI March 2013

Tom Preston, St Helens Local History Library & Archives and the Speakers Secretary, Rainhill WI


‘The Deeming Murders – Rainhill’  – The Infamous Fredrick Deeming

Tom Preston from St Helens Local History Library Archives took us through the life & times of the infamous murderer Fredrick Deeming.

He was a very devious man travelling the world getting by on his wits alone.  He rented Dinham Villa on Lawton Road with his wife & four children, it was there that they met their fate and their bodies were buried under the kitchen floor.

He went on to marry a local Rainhill girl Emily Mather and they emigrated to Melbourne, Australia, where sadly Emily was also murdered by the evil Deeming and she too was buried under the floorboards.   Deeming went on to get engaged to a local Melbourne girl, Kate Rounsefell but Deeming was arrested before they were wed following suspicions raised by her family.

He was tried and hung for the murder of Emily Mather but never tried for the murders of his wife & children in Rainhill.

It proved to be a very popular evening, along with 60 members we also welcomed 30 visitors.

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