History of Norton Priory – February 2013

Rainhill WI February 2013 - Kathy Williams
Kathy Williams MBE (left) & Vice President Ruth Grimley (centre)


Our 19th February meeting welcomed Kathy Williams MBE, from Norton Priory.

Kathy told us the history of the Priory starting the story in 916AD at the Runcorn Promenade, to the building of the Priory on Norton Hill.  Building took 45 years led by a Master Mason from Yorkshire, each Mason leaving their mark, some of which can still be seen today.

We learnt about the life of the monks  that lived at the Priory from the rules they had to abide by, their work and their daily diet.  Life at the Priory changed under the rule of Henry VIII when he closed it down and sold the estate to the Brock family of Crewe.

Kathy also told us of the statue of St Christopher that is now in the museum.

For further information about Norton Priory follow: http://nortonpriory.org/