June 2018 Meeting

‘From Wartime Poland to Britain’
Speaker: Yvonne Taylor

Tuesday 19th June 2018

Yvonne started relaying her Mum’s story following the discovery of her diary.  It wasn’t until her Mum passed away that Yvonne had it translated.

Born in Poland in 1924, Genowefa Foks, was split up at the age of 15 from her family during the Russian invasion.  She was sent to Siberia to work on a farm and then discovered her family were 39kms away, so she set out walking to find them.  In July 1941 she left Russia and travelled south by train (in the cattle truck) to find her family all the time capturing everything in her diary.

Genowefa went on to join the army corp and met her husband (Yvonne’s Father) in Ankara after the war.  On deciding to come to England, they were place in different camps, Genowefa went to Moreton Hall in Whalley.  She learnt to sew and made wonderful traditional Polish dresses for people in the camp – Yvonne brought a selection of some of the dresses that would have been worn.

Yvonne then went on to tell us of her childhood living in a British/Polish community.

Thank you Yvonne for sharing your Mother’s story and your memories your Polish school and upbringing.