What Betsy did next – July 2013

What Betsy Did July 2013A


Betsy – the Housekeeper
alias Joanne Halliwell MA – Writer & Performer

On the 16th July we welcomed back ‘Betsy’ who since we last saw her has been promoted to ‘Housekeeper’ and is no longer a ‘Scullery Maid’.

Betsy told us the story of how she became Housekeeper for the Reverend and that she has now gone up in the world with her clogs being replaced by boots and that she is now the proud owner of a set of ‘house keys’, free to wander the rooms in the house.

She also now has responsibility for looking after female staff but the grandest thing about being Housekeeper is that Betsy now has her own bed.  She also as a new beau in her life, Mr Jonathan Westby and is very much looking forward to the next chapter of her life.

Let’s hope she returns to tell us her story.  Very entertaining and fun evening, Betsy is a loveable character indeed.

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